Daniel Grayvold

I'm a puzzle solver
for the modern web

What I Am


The web is full of generic, messy, slow, and inaccessible sites, but it doesn't have to be. I create designs that are bold and unique but don't compromise on performance or a visitor's ability to experience them. I combine color, typography, structure, and media to provide experiences that delight and provide value to people.


Great designs come to life when they are made interactive and engaging. I use whatever tools and languages necessary to add function to form.

I also know the value of a well-crafted automation. My scripts have saved my colleagues and myself hundreds of hours of tedious labor by utilizing the capabilities of Goo­gle Apps Script, VBA, Apple­Script/JXA, Bash, and more.


My greatest strength is my varied professional background. I'm not just a designer and developer. I'm also a musician, a photographer, a video editor, a print designer, a writer, and much more.

What I Can Do


Visual Media



What I've Accomplished



As the senior developer & tech lead I create new experiences and streamline workflows to make the company deliver its unique brand of postive-only news faster, easier, and simpler than ever before.


Wordy — A Wordle Clone


A Wordle clone with a fresh coat of paint. Created with Vue, Vite, & Windi CSS.


Bethlehem Lutheran Church


My time with BLC was spent bringing the church to the modern age by replacing its unused, cookie-cutter app with a fast, functional, and easy-to-use website, introducing a digital asset management system for records and media, and integrating new hardware, software, and web platforms that saved the organization thousands in costs and hundreds of hours of busywork.

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Dice Roller web app


Rethinking the common dice-rolling utility found throughout the internet, Dice Roller uses the concept of dice groups, allowing players of tabletop roleplaying and other dice-based games to quickly roll any arbitrary selection of dice.

Open Dice Roller

Snowfall: Interactive


I created an immersive companion experience to my composition Snowfall that allows visitors to more fully understand the significance of the data by presenting it visually alongside a dynamically generated performance.


Out o' Tune Piano


I created the Out o' Tune Piano virtual instrument in Kontakt meant to reproduce the sound of an aged, worn-out piano. My work on this project included performing for recordings, processing audio, and developing the virtual instrument.


How I Can Help

Get in touch with me to discover how I can improve your next website or other technological media project. To view my audio creative work, check out my main portfolio site. To view my photography work, go to the photography section. A résumé is available upon request.