Daniel Grayvold

Composer. Sound Designer. Musician.

A unique creative powerhouse specializing in composition and sound design for video games, film, and theatre.



Recent Work

Recent Work

Waves Come

Waves Come is a musical interpretation of the calming sound of shorelines. Having no set structure, it invites the listener to return to the present for a moment and be mindful of the atmospheres we find ourselves in from time to time.

Snowfall: An Interactive Composition

Snowfall is a meditative musical composition that explores the interpretation of winter weather as a depressive event through the sonification of snowfall data recorded in the Keweenaw county of Michigan.

Wind Chimes

Written for handbells and wine glasses, Wind Chimes invites the listener to close their eyes, relax, and let their mind drift to memories of summer. This calming piece references the common household instrument and gives it new life in the unusual but symbiotic pairing of two seemingly disparate instruments.

Out o' Tune Piano

Off base. Off-key. Off the beaten path. The Out o' Tune Piano is Daniel's first public foray into virtual instrument creation. His sampling of an old, well-aged Waltham upright player piano resulted in a surprisingly versatile instrument full of character.

But There's Forever

But There's Forever is a chillstep electronic track written by Daniel available for free download. It is a meditation on the ability of time to heal all wounds.